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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mark Lifvendahl's Positive Painting style

Mark Lifvendahl  recieved a flash of inspiration 5 years ago.  Since then he paints full-time in the North Bay.     I asked him about his process and beginnings.  It's clear that he channels a lot of positive energy.

Mark:  "I have no art education and I never thought I would ever be an artist. One day I saw a TV commercial with a lady splashing around with yellow paint. It captivated me and planted the seed. I decided then that one day I would paint. I only saw the commercial once. Then in May of 2007 at the age of 39 I went to the hardware store and bought four quarts of paint and some brushes. It was a very hot day and I sat in the shade of a tree and started painting. After painting on sheets of paper I looked around for something more solid to paint on. There was a leftover roll of roof paper and I started using that. I got great satisfaction and pleasing results from the beginning. After only a few months I was also being rewarded with recognition from a local galleries and then I started being offered shows.
I would not say that I am influenced by any one artist. I am influenced by color and form and I am inspired by certain artists, especially by painters creating large, colorful, optimistic art.
Currently I am painting full-time but I am always seeking employment, mostly in the wine industry to pay bills. Art takes up most of my time, the process happens naturally and I do not have to force it. Sometimes at night I draw with ink on paper.

I paint as soon as I am done with my morning coffee. I stay busy building panels, priming panels, straining paints and when everything is ready, I paint. I have several different styles. I have poured paint techniques and I also do tiki/totem creatures using brushes. I buy latex paint by the gallon, often on sale. It is economical and it drys fast. There is a music channel on Cable TV I usually listen to elevator music when I paint. It is both soothing and uplifting. I paint outside when it is not too hot or raining. In the summer I start earlier because it can get too hot to be in the sun. After painting, I clean up. I am learning to simplify the process so that clean up is easier. The process can be physically demanding and after several hours my body is sore. I will often nap after painting, especially in the summer. I also spend hours online applying for grants and shows, designing postcards and promotional pieces. I also build my websites and post/interface on Facebook. Most of the shows I have been offered were discovered on Craig's List. Everyday I also make time for some yoga and a walk. "   

You can see his work here http://www.lifvendahl.net  or at his May open studios.


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