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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Giant sidewalk trees--- a different kind of street art

Tim Leaf has been drawing trees on the ground for 17 years--  some people notice and take in the urban forest that's sprouted up-- and other people call the cops.   But the pigeons always show up to eat the flour residue away and these emphermal art works last about a month.   I met Tim at the last Art Murmur in Oakland at the Pullup Gallery  and he's a devoted working artist that's in it for the long haul.
 Where can you find these trees?  In deserted urban places that need them.   Gifts to Oakland and San Francisco.  This is tree-planting like you've never seen it before-- Here is a link to www.curbworker.com where you can see the rig Tim designed to fit his unique process. 

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