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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Henry Ostang-- Oakland's graffiti documentarist--

http://www.henryostang.com/-  Now offering photography tours of Oakland and SF street art. 

       Henry Ostang didn't discover his passion for photography until the middle of his life.  He was doing a book assignment for a Wisconsin based author who wanted to know what life was like in Oakland and SF so that she could write a book in the gay vampire erotica genre.   Since then he's been off and running-  As an O-town native he wants more people to appreciate the art that's constantly in our face.  Graffiti artists take a lot of risk when they put their art out there, but when the do it right the streets are a richer place for it.   Henry documents both the artwork and it's context.  He's expanded his range to include the urban landscape as well as people. 

        About his craft he says: "For me photography is a yin-yang passion comprised of artistic intention and expression a'blended with aggressive cooperation - graffiti is in the main transitory and parked cars, glare of sun, random people, trespassing and the limitations of a given lens are all separate negotiations I engage in with photography to make what I see in mind's eye manifest in digital reality."

         His site has more of his photos as well as info on his upcoming shows.

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