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Monday, March 21, 2011

Brian Barneclo ready to paint city's largest mural

For those of you who remember our old van— the 88 Ford E-350  blew a headgasket last year and became a storage unit parked on an industrial street of Brisbane.   It had been painted by the ever nomadic Noah Ptolemy.   The banner that his characters held saying “Don’t Try” been a quote of his favorite writer Charles Bukowski  and were meant to imply “Just Do it”.    After sitting for several months it final started receiving tickets.  Cutting off the sides proved highly challenging and the whole vehicle was sent to automobile heaven. 

Our current van was painted by San Francisco’s Brian Barneclo.   Despite having his ladder AND identity being stolen over the course of his work- he was able to finish it in about 15 hours.   He’s perfected the art of how to “Hit it and quit it.”  My studio neighbors and I have taken this lesson to heart and we’ve been painting faster as a result.  When trying to develop a new style it’s important to be prolific.

You can checkout one of Brian’s works on Shotwell between 14th and 15th st.  It’s awesome. It’s also time to get excited about Brian’s next work- the Systems Mural.  It’s going on the CalTrain wall at 7th and Townsend and will be San Francisco’s largest mural yet.

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