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Monday, March 21, 2011

Film Review: Exit Through the Gift Shop

I've just been getting interested in Street art and watched the movie Exit Through the Gift Shop )( which also played at the Roxie not too long ago.   The movie would have been great if it had just documented the graffiti and street art scene I thought- The Banksy footage was enough in itself and I believe this was the first time he's even been interviewed.  The artist has kept his identity secret because the nature of his work.  To the right is one of his stencils that was erased just a few days after he painted it.

Within the film there's a twist as Banksy takes over the movie while at the same time turning “Dr. Brainwash” into an instant star in the L.A. art scene. I think Banksy was actually the director of this movie from the start, but that doesn’t make the way they orchestrated it all any less impressive.

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