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Thursday, January 26, 2012

365 Mixed Media artworks in 365 days.

 This project was inspired bymy friend and studio-mate Anthony Papini.   He was in midst of his own 365 paintings in 365 days project last year when I moved into Art Explosion Studios.  It was amazing to watch him develop as a painter by putting in consistent hours.  He is obsessed with traffic and all that it represents to him about America.  Some say it's a metaphor for over-population, while others see it as a main artery of our society--  cars travel through like the nations lifeblood.   Staring at San Franciso's freeway overpass at Alemany St. he told me once that if cars ever stopped going by you would know something terrible had happened.  When you look at it that way-- rush hour traffic is not quite as... ok well no one likes sitting in traffic.   

 I've seen how his work developed-- how he started painting from memory instead of photos-- and now how he has perfected his materials and color tones. 

 I'm 25 days into the project but I'll start posting images regularly.

Panhandle, San Francisco CA
                                                                      New York
                                                                 Washington D.C.

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