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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mark Lifvendahl's Positive Painting style

Mark Lifvendahl  recieved a flash of inspiration 5 years ago.  Since then he paints full-time in the North Bay.     I asked him about his process and beginnings.  It's clear that he channels a lot of positive energy.

Mark:  "I have no art education and I never thought I would ever be an artist. One day I saw a TV commercial with a lady splashing around with yellow paint. It captivated me and planted the seed. I decided then that one day I would paint. I only saw the commercial once. Then in May of 2007 at the age of 39 I went to the hardware store and bought four quarts of paint and some brushes. It was a very hot day and I sat in the shade of a tree and started painting. After painting on sheets of paper I looked around for something more solid to paint on. There was a leftover roll of roof paper and I started using that. I got great satisfaction and pleasing results from the beginning. After only a few months I was also being rewarded with recognition from a local galleries and then I started being offered shows.
I would not say that I am influenced by any one artist. I am influenced by color and form and I am inspired by certain artists, especially by painters creating large, colorful, optimistic art.
Currently I am painting full-time but I am always seeking employment, mostly in the wine industry to pay bills. Art takes up most of my time, the process happens naturally and I do not have to force it. Sometimes at night I draw with ink on paper.

I paint as soon as I am done with my morning coffee. I stay busy building panels, priming panels, straining paints and when everything is ready, I paint. I have several different styles. I have poured paint techniques and I also do tiki/totem creatures using brushes. I buy latex paint by the gallon, often on sale. It is economical and it drys fast. There is a music channel on Cable TV I usually listen to elevator music when I paint. It is both soothing and uplifting. I paint outside when it is not too hot or raining. In the summer I start earlier because it can get too hot to be in the sun. After painting, I clean up. I am learning to simplify the process so that clean up is easier. The process can be physically demanding and after several hours my body is sore. I will often nap after painting, especially in the summer. I also spend hours online applying for grants and shows, designing postcards and promotional pieces. I also build my websites and post/interface on Facebook. Most of the shows I have been offered were discovered on Craig's List. Everyday I also make time for some yoga and a walk. "   

You can see his work here http://www.lifvendahl.net  or at his May open studios.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Giant sidewalk trees--- a different kind of street art

Tim Leaf has been drawing trees on the ground for 17 years--  some people notice and take in the urban forest that's sprouted up-- and other people call the cops.   But the pigeons always show up to eat the flour residue away and these emphermal art works last about a month.   I met Tim at the last Art Murmur in Oakland at the Pullup Gallery  and he's a devoted working artist that's in it for the long haul.
 Where can you find these trees?  In deserted urban places that need them.   Gifts to Oakland and San Francisco.  This is tree-planting like you've never seen it before-- Here is a link to www.curbworker.com where you can see the rig Tim designed to fit his unique process. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

This is more art from January.   You might notice the re-occurence of trees in these paintings.  civilization, by nature, suppresses nature.   But nature always returns.  Speaking of some wild nature--if you like intense storms than you'll like Take Shelter.   

I actually thought it was an inspiring movie.   Michael Shannon plays a working man plagued by dark, apocalyptic visions.   He's written off as crazy-- but it turns out he had some really powerful visions of the future.  Here's to the world not ending in 2012 though.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

getting caught up on posting the 40 drawings from this year--

       Top picture is inspired by Andy Warhol- the inventor of easy painting.    Will definitely be doing some screen printing this year.   The second picture is Andy's Cat.    Her music is at www.soundcloud.com/antinote

I made these two images at Sketch Tuesdays at 111 Minna.    The first one is their red door outside which is also their logo.   The second picture is based on the second room/ bar where they held the sketch night.   Michael Mason was there DJing too!   He is a new artist mover and will be playing out of the Pull Up gallery at some point in the future.

Abstract Art with belt sander

Already a drawing a day is pushing me to expand my techniques and style.   The simple process of putting pastel on black and white photos is working well-- but I had to start painting abstractly or I was going to go crazy.   So here we have layers of metallic paint--  I each layer down before adding another one to provide the textured background.    I actually made the background for this blog using that technique. 
                                                                              I'm still thinking about adding layers to the second picture shown here.   Let me know what you think.  

Page St. San Francisco

Pastel on black and white photo.